Frequently Asked Questions about Nan’s House

How does Nan's House work?

Nan’s House is ready to serve you. If you or a loved one needs help getting around, or more consistant care, just give us call. We will discuss how we can meet your needs and help to restore your peace of mind!

How is my personal care assistant chosen?

Nan’s House will do an assessment to see what type of caregiver will best meet your needs. Our goal is to discover the PERFECT FIT for you! If you have any concerns, or even a personality conflict Nan’s House will be happy to address your concerns and discover the right personal car assistant for you.

Is there a deposit?

There are no deposits or hidden fees with Nan’s House!

Is there a trial period or notice of termination?

The Nan’s House trial period is the duration of the first month that you use our services. We feel that amount of time is the best for all parties to adjust and work out any kinks. Either party may terminate services with no questions asked after a month.

When and how will Nan's House bill me?

Nan’s House mails or emails statments monthly in advance. You can pay online with with a credit card or by check.

Does Nan's House require background checks on all caregivers?

Yes, thorough background checks are done on all those who work for Nan’s House.

Who has the insurance?

You agree to maintain homeowners insurance, medical insurance and any other coverage to provide protection for the care recipient.

Can my caregiver drive me to appointments in my own vehicle?

Nan’s House caregivers may use a client’s car only with written authroization from the client to the agency. The client accepts full responsibility.

Is a caregiver able to drive his/her own vehicle to provide services for a client?

Yes, however the client will be billed $0.80 per mile.